Today, we live in a world of many clouds. Private cloud for this, managed clouds for that and public cloud services for everything in between. So for IT and business leaders who struggle to manage heterogeneous IT lifecycles and complex IT cost structures, it’s time to take a look at building the foundation for an enterprise-wide hybrid cloud.

Why a hybrid cloud?

A hybrid cloud with powerful orchestration and automation enables an IT-as-a-Service operating model where IT services can be delivered to business units or end users, when and how they need them.

A hybrid cloud can help IT and business leaders in many facets: lower the overall cost of IT operations, react quickly to business demands, create agility and extend management into the public cloud.

WWT’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC)

Our EHC solution enables an organization to provision Anything-as-a-Service to multiple clouds under a multi-vendor infrastructure. It goes beyond operations, and can create better alignment between IT, the business and end users.

Our EHC solution is validated to help organizations like you do the following:

  • Deploy and provision business-relevant cloud services across a hybrid cloud and physical infrastructure, all within business and IT policies.
  • Enable IT and end users to dynamically add storage, network and compute resources as needed based on performance requirements.
  • Automate monitoring and provide a comprehensive view of their cloud environment to make smart provisioning and allocation decisions.
  • Provide decision makers with metering and cost information across all lines of business.

Why work with us?

Our goal is to help our customers create a path to IT transformation, one use case at a time.

To learn more and start your EHC journey, schedule a Cloud Workshop with us today! You’ll get to see our Advanced Technology Center in action, discuss your business challenges and see how our enterprise hybrid cloud solution can potentially solve them.

You can also download our infographic to keep the highlights from this post top of mind.

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