Easy just got easier

Cloud computing offers undisputed benefits in terms of agility and cost-effectiveness, and VMware offers unparalleled ability to automate and manage workload across different cloud infrastructures. VMware’s vCloud Suite brings together VMware’s vSphere hypervisor with vRealize Suite, their multi-vendor hybrid cloud management platform. With vCloud suite, you can easily build and manage both vSphere-based private clouds as well as multi-vendor hybrid clouds. And now, VMware has made the licensing administration for both vCloud Suite and and vRealize Suite 7.0 easier as well.

VMware recently announced a newer licensing model for the vCloud Suite and vRealize Suite 7.0. This comes in a new form called a Portable License Unit (PLU), instead of per CPU and per OSI licensing for volume license customers. For each vRealize Suite license bought, you can either have one vSphere CPU or 15 OSIs in a non-VMware cloud (AWS, vCloud Air, Physical, etc.). The VMware vCloud Suite is simply an extension of the vRealize Suite by adding vSphere Enterprise Plus to the total license package. For complete details on the new PLU, check out VMware’s recent white paper on this topic.

Besides the licensing questions we receive at WWT, as a leader in the Cisco and VMware space, we are often asked how we can integrate the two solutions together to provide lifecycle management, performance monitoring and analytics from VMware’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP) solution.

Here’s a quick list of some of the Cisco capabilities delivered from each of the major VMware products in the vRealize Suite.

VMware vRealize Automation

  • Provides physical server provisioning to Cisco UCS hardware using UCS Manager
  • Using the Cisco UCS plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator, customers gain more administrative control by having blueprints that can manage BIOS settings of blades and manipulate service profiles in UCSM.
  • Integrates with ACI core technology and can embrace NSX on top of ACI
  • Creates orchestrator workflows to manage switches, routers and firewalls and then publishes them as self-service catalog items in vRA

VMware vRealize Log Insight

  • VMware vRealize Log Insight is a log analytics tool that supports over 2.5TB of log data per day. Customers can quickly troubleshoot a problem by looking at the compute, network, storage, virtualization and application layers all at once.
  • Did you know that if you are an existing vCenter customer, you now get a free vRLI 25 OSI license with each vCenter Standard license? That means your IT organization can start using this tool in the data center today. 25 OSIs is more than enough to cover vCS and 10 ESXi hosts while still allowing room for VMs, network switches, etc.
  • Cisco UCS Content Pack for Log Insight
  • Cisco Nexus Content Pack for Log Insight
  • Cisco ASA Content Pack for Log Insight
  • VCE Vision for Log Insight

VMware vRealize Operations

WWT has the ability to demo all of these capabilities in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), so reach out to your account manager today to request a demo or contact us directly.