Stop by to see the WWT IT Automation Pod demonstration of F5 BIG-IPs

World Wide Technology (WWT) is a contributing partner for DevNet Create 2018. The event is being held April 10-11 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. Cisco DevNet Create is the hands-on developer conference where applications meet infrastructure and WWT will be highlighting our IT Automation Pod virtually from the WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC).

About the demonstration

The demonstration shows the integration of the deployment, licensing and provisioning of F5 virtual edition BIG-IPs and applying a whitelist policy generated by Cisco Tetration to an ACI network fabric. The overarching goal of this demonstration is the concept of creating modular processes, units of work using the Red Hat Ansible Galaxy roles framework and then creating a workflow by combining these roles into a specific deployment that syncs F5 BIG-IP and Cisco ACI into the same playbook.

The work flowing through this technology value stream is configuration data. The IT architect must identify the data sources and syncs to enable the business outcome – deploy BIG-IPs in ACI.

IT Automation Pod

Our IT Automation Pod demonstrates the concept of a single source of truth: version controlled variables in YAML, CSV or JSON documents stored in a MongoDB. A catalog of whitelist policies for the ACI fabric is created from the output of Tetration Application Dependency Mapping (ADM). The playbook retrieves the appropriate policy (TCP and UDP port ranges) and creates ACI contracts, subjects, filters and filter entries using the Ansible ACI networking modules. Virtual machines are deployed in VMware vCenter to host the BIG-IPs. The configuration is derived from a catalog of variable input in both the MongDB and version controlled YAML files.

Outcomes realized

This demo shows how the manual configuration process is now automated and how the wait time between network engineering and application delivery has been eliminated. Through the combination of pre-packaged workflows (Ansible roles) developed by each team into a unified playbook, this common framework benefits the individual, team and enterprise.

Stop by at DevNet Create 2018 to see this demo in action!

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