WWT Asynchrony Labs is bringing its expertise in mobile app development to businesses running on iPhone and iPad

World Wide Technology (WWT) Asynchrony Labs is a new Apple mobility partner, joining other industry-leading technology companies in creating engaging, business-centric applications that leverage the full potential of the iOS platform. WWT Asynchrony Labs will serve as an R&D house testing and building innovative iOS applications for a variety of industries.

Enterprises require custom-built iOS applications that solve the unique business challenges of their respective markets. No company is better positioned to provide this need than WWT Asynchrony Labs which has been developing mission-critical applications for the Department of Defense and Fortune 1000 corporations since 1999.  Our unique blend of full-stack developers, UX designers, and quality professionals are building custom iOS applications, through an iterative, Agile process to ensure that all relevant stakeholders – IT, business, partner and end user – are engaged in throughout the entire development lifecycle.

A rich pipeline of innovative business apps for iPhone and iPad are on the horizon. As an Apple mobility partner we are devoting significant resources to experimentation, testing and R&D, allowing customers to get to market faster while leveraging the evolving iOS platform to its greatest extent possible in enterprise and consumer-facing mobile apps.  In addition to native apps for iPhone and Pad, WWT Asynchrony Labs excels at building scalable back-end systems and services that integrate into an enterprise’s legacy systems. Businesses can quickly set up new mobile initiatives on iPhone and iPad that fits within their existing IT infrastructure.

In the months ahead, WWT Asynchrony Labs will be announcing several proofs of concepts that demonstrate the transformational value of using iOS apps within the enterprise. Our innovative approach includes integrating Cisco technologies to build iOS apps with native video chat, voice and messaging; apps that offer easy-to-use interfaces with corporate databases; and customized apps that streamline workflows from business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about what WWT Asynchrony Labs has planned to capitalize on this exciting new opportunity.