The WWT team placed second at the Cisco Live! DevNet Hackathon on Sunday, June 7, 2015 in San Diego. The Hackathon was open to anyone attending Cisco Live! and the theme this year was Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Data Services.

The WWT team developed Secure 11, a next-level, proximity-based security system application that integrated six different Cisco technologies to identify and track entities across wireless locations and assess security threat status. This application would be viable across several verticals and prove extremely valuable to any company wanting to manage facility security and safety.

About Secure 11

The teams security system application integrated Cisco IaaSCisco Mobility eXperience (CMX), Data in MotionCisco Zeus (a cloud data services environment), Cisco Tropo and Cisco EIoT to create an entity tracker across wireless locations. The identity and location services utilized the information provided from CMX, where an entity can be identified through a portal login or listed as an unidentified entity.  Once identified, the application will assess the entity’s threat rating, and increment as required through location settings or IoT sensor settings.

For example, if an unidentified identity opens a door in a secured area the threat assessment will increase.  Once the threat level is determined, the entity will be displayed on a 3D map of the facility being monitored.  The entity movement will be tracked and the status updated dynamically as the entity moves throughout the facility.

Meet the Team

From left to right: Todd Erickson, Shawn Donoho, Tim Hamer, David Guidos, Sam Womack.