How did you become an AWS Hero?

AWS Heroes are nominated through an internal process whereby AWS employees take note of people in the broader community who "use their extensive knowledge to teach others about all things AWS across a range of mediums. Their wide-reaching efforts to spread knowledge of the AWS platform have a significant impact within their local communities". 

My contributions have been to help organize or co-organize the following groups:

What does it mean to be an AWS Hero?

The AWS Hero program recognizes a worldwide group of experts whose enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing has a real impact within the community. Heroes go above and beyond to share knowledge via social media, blog posts, open source projects, events and user groups.

I love talking with people about new technologies and new ways to implement them. I love both getting into the weeds of a widget *and* looking at the broader business and architectural ramifications of that widget. Being an AWS Hero means I get to do that with a much wider audience!

How will being an AWS Hero help you when engaging on customer projects?

In addition to the opportunities and exposure through the program, I will have the support of my fellow AWS Heroes when working through challenges on client projects. I've made amazing connections with other cloud thought leaders that really keeps me on the forefront of knowledge in our field.

How has your role at WWT prepared you to be an AWS Hero?

WWT is rapidly expanding our portfolio of cloud capabilities and services. By staying on the leading edge of cloud offerings, I'm able to give back to the community in the form of presentations and uses cases for said services. Also, being able to use the ATC to test hybrid cloud proof of concept (POC) designs to deliver business outcomes to our customers, partners and employees around the globe.