OpenStack Integration With Cisco ACI Demo

In this demonstration, Technology Solutions Architect Naman Sharma illustrates how to create a 3-tier application using OpenStack with Cisco ACI.

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is designed based on the concept of open representational state transfer (REST) APIs, allowing easy integration with any orchestration platform.

The advantages of OpenStack cloud are well established, but deploying enterprise grade OpenStack environments at scale is still a work in progress. Cisco is working with partners like Red Hat to build environments robust enough for production rollout of cloud applications.

ACI offers tight integration with OpenStack

Cisco ACI APIs allow tight integration with OpenStack through Neutron, a networking abstraction layer that is packaged as part of the OpenStack framework. This allows an OpenStack user to create and manage their own virtual networks without sacrificing the performance, visibility and telemetry required for running a production grade cloud environment.

The result is the only OpenStack solution on the market today that ties together both the physical and virtual environment.

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