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For almost 200 hundred years the school classroom used chalk boards for instruction.  Presenting images on a wall also been a part of the classroom since the 1800s, with candle lanterns capable of displaying slides, and then in the 1960s the overhead projector became the main tool for teachers. In the early 2000s, a dramatic shift occurred with the introduction of dry erase boards and projectors. By the end of the decade, Smartboards had been adopted across the nation. 

This revolutionized the teaching environment by allowing teachers to not only display their computer images but also interact with them. The interactivity allowed for a completely different experience. 

The next revolution

Despite all the advances in technology, 20 years later there hasn't been much of an improvement or change in the classroom projection tools. Screens got bigger, brighter and clearer, but the functionality really hasn't changed. Within the last year, teachers across the world learned how to share content virtually and interact with their students on a completely different platform. 

Yet not all schools had the resources have virtual and in-person classes separated. By necessity, additional functionality was needed in the classroom — enter the webcam, microphones and virtual meetings.

The all-in-one solution

Original Smartboards are past their end of life and projectors are becoming too costly to maintain. The need for an all-in-one, touchscreen collaboration tool has arrived. No device is better suited to immediately enter the education technology arena than Webex Boards.

The Webex Board has all the functionality of the current tools in the classroom plus the ability for a high-quality virtual teaching experience. Current products will no doubt upgrade to include cameras and microphones, but no product will be able to compete with the technology of the Webex Board and cloud infrastructure supporting it.

More than a screen, camera and mic

A student at home learning while other students are in person can be a very isolating experience. The use of 4K cameras, 12 microphones and Speaker Track create a more immersive and social hybrid classroom. There's a big difference between watching a class in a panoramic view vs. the Webex technology enabling the camera to focus on speakers to see facial expressions up close.  Using Spaces within the Webex app also provides opportunities for small group collaboration.

virtual classroom in Shawnee Mission School District, KS
Shawnee Mission School District, KS

Integrate using Webex Education Connector

The Webex Connector adds Webex Meetings and Webex teams into the Learning Management System. Additional benefits include a recording library for viewing previous lessons, attendance taking, scheduling office hours and spaces for classroom collaboration and file sharing… all while in a highly secure space.

integration into Learning Management System

Moving forward

All levels of the education system have forever been altered. Virtual learning is here to stay so we must find the most effective and efficient methods of delivering content while keeping the social aspects of growing up. The Webex Board has a plethora or tools and resources that can't be matched by the current education technology industry leaders. 

WWT has partnered with Cisco for over 25 years and has extensive experience with collaboration in the digital workspace. We take pride in not only delivering high tech solutions but also ensuring the users are maximizing their capabilities with our Adoption Services team.  

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Learn more about how WWT can help securely enhance your classroom experience.