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As a Cloud Platform Architect, Spencer works to help organizations on their journey to the cloud. People, process and technology are all parts of a modern environment, and Spencer has a proven track record of working with all of them to provide solutions to meet their needs. His background includes work starting at the infrastructure layer all the way to the end user.

We talked with Spencer to learn more about what the certification means for the organizations he works with.

Q&A with Spencer

How did you become a Google Cloud Certified Fellow?

Becoming a Google Cloud Fellow is a multi-step process. You have to apply to get into the program, and if accepted you then have hands-on tests followed by a panel interview of other Fellows. They test you on your technical, business and leadership skills, touching on all facets of hybrid cloud.

What does it mean to be a Google Cloud Certified Fellow?

Being a Google Cloud Fellow means that I will be able to provide input on where I see things in the industry going back to Google to help shape Anthos to be the best solution for hybrid cloud deployments for customers.

How will being a Google Cloud Certified Fellow help you when engaging on customer projects?

Being a Google Cloud Fellow grants me additional insight into where the product is going. This will allow me to better shape customer engagements to align them with the future of the technology so they will be able to get the most out of it.

How has your role at WWT prepared you to be a Google Cloud Certified Fellow?

My role at WWT has immersed me into the market and allowed me to interact with customers of all sizes to see the trends and direction of cloud in the enterprise. This has let me shape my perspective and skill set to meet the current demands of the market which aligns with the skillset needed to become a Google Cloud Fellow.