Storage and Data Management Envisioning Briefing

4 hours
In a technologically unbiased, interactive space, our experts will work with your team to evaluate your current state, discover opportunities for change, and compare how solutions or products of interest will impact your storage environment. During this briefing, WWT experts will work with your stakeholders to understand your current storage environment and your desired business goals. Our team will perform a thorough analysis of your data center and provide a strategic blueprint for quickly capturing opportunities that reduce cost and risk, optimize functionality, and increase efficiency within your infrastructure. We’ll help you determine the right course of action so that you can achieve your goals while saving money, time and resources.

Goals & Objectives

This Storage and Data Management Envisioning Briefing brings your stakeholders together with our experts to understand your target impact areas, blind spots and opportunities to deliver efficiency across the data storage ecosystem. By working with your team to analyze your current state, with consideration for organizational goals and market trends, WWT will assist in implementing a strategy to:

  • Accelerate time to decision
  • Realize infrastructure and operational cost efficiencies 
  • Increase business confidence in IT 
  • Establish system for outcome validation and success measurement