Case Study

Major Entertainment Conglomerate: Site Redesign


A major entertainment production conglomerate needed a modern and secure website that met their functional needs while allowing them to quickly update their content to reflect real-time changes to their service. Their existing site was expensive to maintain, confusing and uninformative. Our client was looking for an innovative partner to support not just a new web experience, but to build out new ways to engage with their customers, including mobile, social and experiential offerings. Although they had a stable of traditional digital agencies that could have completed the first step in their vision, they needed a partner with greater depth and system engineering experience to help them achieve their vision beyond the initial engagement.


They selected WWT to partner with them in this effort because of our software engineering expertise, agile processes and proven usability/UX practices. After providing platform research and guidance, we implemented a comprehensive content management system (CMS) with a responsive design and enhanced security to meet the organization’s needs. The new website was built for enhanced usability and organization from the ground up, making the customer call-to-action the primary focal point of the site. We provided their marketing team with intuitive self-service tools so they can update the site’s content as needed.


The entertainment production conglomerate has received favorable feedback on the new website, and it has been a highly visible success within their organization. However, this website was only the first step. Because of our software engineering and experiential integration capabilities, WWT has been asked to continue to support the build out of expanded capabilities for this service. This will include applications that will extend their services to provide a seamless and rich customer experience throughout their web, mobile, social and in-person offerings.