Case Study

Large MSO Conducts Security Assessment to Meet PCI Compliance Regulations

EBC, workshops and training uncover ways to better posture organization's security environment


A large, multiple-system operator was struggling to meet PCI compliance regulations after failing their annual audit. The organization was receiving quarterly reporting feedback to help regain compliancy, but the pressure was mounting to avoid penalties, higher interest rates and the loss of payment processing capabilities. In addition, employee turnover was steadily increasing and the loss of two of their top security personnel exposed their environmental vulnerabilities. The organization was also undergoing a very large data center build-out and consolidation that has been ongoing and pulling a lot of their internal resources.

In order to get the organization back on track, they turned to WWT as a trusted partner to evaluate their environment.


The WWT account team engaged our national security team for assistance because of their overall knowledge of PCI and security program execution. Through workshops, training and an EBC in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), the national team was able to assess the environment and quickly determine how to better posture the organization’s security while emphasizing PCI compliancy.

WWT assigned professional services resources to simultaneously manage both the security initiatives as well as a previously awarded critical data center build-out and consolidation project. WWT concluded the assessment by staffing two resources sourced through our consulting services team.


WWT demonstrated knowledge and leadership in security and compliance and delivered measurable results highlighting incremental improvements toward PCI compliance. This engagement is ongoing and WWT continues to provide onsite resources while providing oversight for security solutions and the new data center build out.