Case Study

Medical Center: Microsoft OneDrive Adoption

Comprehensive training program created by WWT Adoption Services helps prominent medical center protect confidential patient information

Breaches in Protected Health Information (PHI)

A renowned Medical Center was struggling to keep their confidential data secure. Employees would often carry “lock boxes,” or physical boxes containing patient documentation, throughout the hospital or off-site when traveling to other facilities.

The physical storage and transportation of Protected Health Information (PHI) made it easier for confidential information to end up in the wrong hands. The Medical Center had recently encountered a series of breaches in PHI. Auditors from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) were threatening to pull crucial funding if the issues were not resolved quickly.

A Microsoft Solution

The organization introduced Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive for Business, eliminating the need for staff to carry hard copies of documents containing PHI to other locations. However, the Medical Center lacked the resources and knowledge to create a quick and efficient training strategy, and the platform was not seeing much use throughout the organization.

With over 9,000 employees working various shifts and at various sites, the organization needed a streamlined adoption plan that would help them meet the audit’s requirement of secure information storage.

Quick Adoption Timeline

The Medical Center engaged with WWT Adoption Services, who set out to train the entire workforce in just over a month. We partnered with Microsoft’s Customer Success Manager (CSM) and performed a workshop with the customer to identify the desired training topics: logging in and interacting with Office 365, uploading and sharing files to OneDrive, external user access and mobile application navigation, among others.

Our adoption experts created customized content that was also used to train the Microsoft CSM and trainers from our partner, ComSolutions. This content included quick reference guides, training videos, presentations and answers to FAQs. With all groups working from the same content, we ensured consistent training and easily digestible information.

In the following weeks, we used the content to offer 184 live training sessions and 35 live open house sessions across all five of the Medical Center’s facilities. We also delivered 62 virtual trainings using Skype. In total, more than 1,000 employees participated in the live trainings and over 370 engaged with the virtual sessions.

Reduced Risk

Four weeks after the initial workshop, the Medical Center saw an 86 percent increase in active OneDrive users. They easily passed the latest CMS audit due to these adoption efforts.

The staff are now equipped with specific processes and precautions when storing and sharing confidential files and are confident that the same mistakes will not be made with the widespread training program in place.

After the success of this original phase, the Medical Center extended the project by three additional weeks, dedicating even more time to training sessions for the entire workforce. Because of the collaboration effort between WWT and Microsoft and the successful company-wide training program, we are now working with the customer on the training and rollout of Windows 10 to the enterprise.