WWT Cloud Consumption

Simplifying cloud consumption, maximizing return on cloud investment

Cloud Consumption

Are you an existing WWT Cloud Marketplace customer?

What is Cloud Consumption?

Cloud Consumption from WWT is a package of services designed to help CFOs optimize existing cloud spend with one or more public cloud service providers — Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Microsoft Azure.

By simplifying how you manage cloud consumption, you can maximize your organization's return on investment in cloud technology.

Benefits and value:

  • Consolidate cloud subscription management and billing
  • Cost insights, real-time consumption visibility and savings opportunities
  • Best practices for structuring cloud subscription accounts and leveraging multiple cloud platforms
  • Access to cloud solution specialists in areas like cloud networking, cloud security, hybrid cloud platforms and cloud data management
  • Access to cloud experts certified in AWS, GCP and Azure
  • Cloud labs to pilot, test and prove out solutions
  • Achieve Tier-1 minority spending credits by consolidating your cloud spend with a certified Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE)

Simplified cost insights

With access to cost insights across providers and real-time consumption visibility, you can make informed decisions. We'll also consolidate your subscription management and billing.

Onboarding best practices

Our specialists will share best practices for structuring your cloud subscription accounts and provide guidance on leveraging different cloud platforms based on your organization’s needs.

Expertise across the multicloud

Work with our cloud specialists in key solution areas, from cloud networking and security to hybrid cloud platforms and management.

Included Consumption services

The following services are included at no additional charge when your cloud consumption billing is consilidated through WWT. 

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Consolidated Billing & Billing Support

Receive a consolidated monthly cloud invoice for simplified billing across cloud providers. Our resources are available to assist with billing issue resolution. Supported CSPs: AWS, Azure, GCP.

WWT Cloud Marketplace

Self-service access to WWT Cloud Marketplace provides easy access to request new subscriptions, view detailed billing reports, manage current subscriptions or manage cloud EULAs. Supported CSPs: AWS, Azure, GCP

Dynamic Consumption Visibility and Optimization Recommendations

Self-service access to WWT’s preferred cloud inventory and cost optimization tool to access detailed consumption reports, custom dashboards and cost optimization recommendations. For hands-on support with customized Financial Operations onboarding, please see “Premium Consumption Services” below. Supported CSPs: AWS, Azure and GCP coming soon.

Technical Support

Access to Flexible Support options from AWS, Azure and GCP. For Microsoft Azure, WWT will provide Tier 1 and 2 Support with escalations to Microsoft as required.

Account Transition Support

For customers with existing cloud accounts or subscriptions, WWT consumption specialists will work with you and the cloud providers to seamlessly transfer your billing to WWT, while keeping your cloud environments and resources intact. Supported CSPs: AWS, Azure, GCP.

Access to the ATC

Leverage the collaborative ecosystem of the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in conjunction with your cloud environment to accelerate your time to design, build, test, and deploy innovative and integrated technology solutions. Highlighted technologies: AWS Control TowerAzure Stack HubGoogle Anthos.

Premium Consumption Services

In addition to the included services, the following services were developed for customers who desire a more hands-on approach to optimizing their cloud investment. 

Note: Customization requires additional scoping.

Please click each of the services on the left to view details.

Cloud Adoption

Receive a one-day immersive workshop led by our cloud experts on one cloud topic of your choice. Supported CSPs: AWS, Azure, GCP.

Architecture Review

Receive up to 40 hours for an architecture review of any one workload of your choice to ensure your organization is leveraging the latest technical and operational best practices. Supported CSPs: AWS, Azure, GCP.

Premium FinOps Onboarding

Receive up to 40 hours for a white glove engagement to provide onboarding for Financial Operations tools. A WWT FinOp’s expert will work alongside you to build a tailored environment that includes configuring data ingestion, custom dashboards, reports and alerts. Supported CSPs: AWS, Azure, GCP.