Extract the full value of your enterprise agreement

Software purchases continue to be a significant component of enterprise IT budgets. These costs will continue to increase as enterprise agreements and software as a service (SaaS) dominate the market. But despite the rise in enterprise agreements, many companies fail to extract their full business value.

To take advantage of what today’s enterprise agreements offer demands a new approach to software management. That’s why we created EA+, a program of services that maximizes how enterprises buy and use software.

Through this program, you can stop viewing enterprise agreements as a pricing tool and begin to reimagine how they can simplify, accelerate and innovate your business.


Before you make a financial commitment to an enterprise agreement, it’s essential to align it to your business goals. Our EA+ Business Value Workshop is a 2- to 4-hour session designed to ensure we understand your goals, needs and overall business strategy. Our software experts help you understand the variations of an enterprise agreement and how your organization can best use an it. This sets the foundation for your internal business case.

From there, we can tailor an enterprise agreement program to your business, so when it comes time to make a purchase, you can start maximizing the potential right away.
Enterprise Agreements timeline updated
Often the benefits of an enterprise agreement end at the date of purchase as organizations view it simply as a cost savings initiative. We see this as just the beginning. Once you purchase your enterprise agreement, it’s time to immediately begin utilizing it as a business strategy tool.

We quickly work with you to schedule an EA+ Integration Kickoff that will provide you with a detailed understanding of what software is contained in your purchase, a roadmap of your implementation and what you should expect from us during the term of your agreement. Also during this time, we cover how to leverage our Advanced Technology Center, introduce you to our Advanced and End-user Adoption Services methodology, schedule your recurring quarterly business reviews (QBRs) and outline your online reporting.

Throughout the lifetime of the EA, we can also schedule Vision Scoping Workshops to ensure we are executing on priority projects, meeting adoption targets and optimizing your contract and reporting needs.


EA+ gives you the services you need to capitalize on your software investments. As software as a service (SaaS) transforms your enterprise, management of your software must also transform. EA+ makes that shift easy. Let us show you how the benefits of an enterprise agreement can extend far beyond what you have ever experienced.

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Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is supported by an ecosystem of WWT engineers and our OEM partners. Within the ATC, we replicate your production environment, so you can load test your EA software at scale. You also can compare the performance of your EA entitlements against your existing software solutions. No matter what technology appears on the horizon during the life of your EA, the ATC allows you to evaluate and deploy it with confidence.


Advanced Technology Center (ATC) lab services give you access to an entire ecosystem of WWT capabilities. These include more than $150 million in software and hardware lab equipment, thousands of world-class engineers, and service-provider-grade testing evaluations. Continuous access to our labs and resources means we can architect plug-and-play solutions that integrate seamlessly in to your environment.


When used together, our ATC and global Integration Centers reduce the risk, cost and complexity of IT deployments by giving you a factory-like process for validating, staging and integrating advanced technology solutions. This means your business can start enjoying the benefits of your new entitlements faster.

Advanced Adoption

EA+ provides you with an unmatched level of adoption services. Our Advanced Adoption Services combine subject-matter expertise, a proven training methodology, and lab resources for custom in-person and on-demand training.

By leveraging our ATC labs, our adoption model ensures your engineers completely understand all the feature and functionality behind your software purchase to accelerate implementation in to your production environment.

Engineers can take refresh training anytime online and new engineering hires can quickly get up to speed with virtual access to ATC labs. Even if your engineering resources change, your rate of entitlement consumption will not.

With Advanced Adoption Services, you can derive the maximum value from your EA purchase to stay ahead of competition.


We are committed to software and license management. Our software and license management teams allow you to easily track your hardware and software investments under your EA, from purchase to renewal. Throughout your EA, we give you audit protection. By continually monitoring and reporting license usage, we ensure you are only paying for the licenses you use and not getting hit with audit fees from vendors.

  • WWT EA+ Overview

    Software purchases are a significant component of enterprise IT budgets as EAs and SaaS dominate the market. WWT's EA+ helps you extract the full value of an EA. Simplify, accelerate and innovate your business.