Adva Network Timing

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Solution Overview
In this environment we have a primary/secondary architecture containing two Adva OSA 5420’s in geographically diverse locations. The OSA 5420 residing in the WWT ATC is the “Grandmaster”, which is receiving a Stratum 1 timing signal through a GPS antenna on the roof and is connected to the WWT network on the Network-1 port. The OSA 5420 residing in the WWT NAIC (ITC) is the “Slave”, which is connected to the WWT network through its Network-1 port. Both devices are running software version 10.1.1-052.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to provide a step by step configuration guide to customers to have the experience of how the Adva OSA 5420 can be a strong tool for timing and synchronization environment.

Hardware & Software

The Hardware and Software inventory of this environment are as follow:
1. 2x Adva OSA 5420
2. 1x GPS Antenna
3. Software Version : 10.1.1-052