Attendant Console Comparison for Cisco Collaboration

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Solution Overview
This lab provides a sandbox with typical software found in a standard collaboration environment. Additionally, this sandbox includes four different attendant console products. The focus of this environment will be user-facing features of the attendant console software. 

Goals & Objectives

The student will perform the following activities using the attendant console software:
  • Login/Logout
  • Place and answer a call
  • Transfer a call
  • Drag and drop call control
  • Park a call
  • Check user availability status

Hardware & Software

This lab consists of the following components:
  • Akkadian Attendant Console
  • Cisco Attendant Console Enterprise Edition
  • Cisco Call Manager 11.5
  • Cisco Unity Connection 11.5
  • Cisco Instant Messaging and Presence 11.5
  • Cisco Jabber for Windows 11.5
  • iQ Netsolultions Vistapoint Console
  • Imagcile Attendant Console 2018
  • Microsoft Windows 2012 Active Directory / DNS
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Desktops
  • VMware Horizon VDI 7.4