Check Point CloudGuard Dome9 - Tech Point

Solution Overview
During this demonstration, Check Point's Tech Point environment will launch. Follow the Dome9 demo script to complete the lab exercises.

The Dome9 agentless SaaS platform delivers full visibility and control of security and compliance in AWS, Azure and Google Cloud environments. Minimize your attack surface and protect against vulnerabilities, identify theft and data loss.

Be sure to have access to the demo script PDF at the bottom of this page.

Goals & Objectives

Lab 1: Security Architecture Review
  • Explore cloud inventory views, network security views and the AWS lab environment

Lab 2: Security Posture Management
  • Learn how to fix misconfiguration, enforce security policy and test the Dynamic Access feature

Lab 3: Compliance and Governance
  • Learn how Dome9 can monitor and scan AWS/Azure/GCP infratstructure with compliance standards such as NIST 800-53

Lab 4: Magellan
  • Explore the cloud-native security intelligence technology that delivers cloud intrusion detection, network traffic visualization and user activity analytics

Hardware & Software

This lab will use Check Point's Tech Point demonstration environment.

A link and password will be provided that provides access to the an AWS infrastructure that is pre-populated with data, devices and logs.