Cisco CloudCenter (C3) - Primary Demo

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Solution Overview
Cisco CloudCenter is an Application-Defined Management Platform that securely provisions infrastructure resources and deploys application components and data across more than 19 data center, private and public cloud environments.

The ATC environment facilitates use case based demonstrations targeting the following focus areas:
• Hybrid Cloud Management
• Infrastructure-as-a-Service
• Platform-as-a-Service
• Application Migration
• DevOps Automation
• Capacity Augmentation

Key technologies utilized in this demonstration are Cisco CloudCenter, Cisco ACI, VMWare NSX, Palo Alto FW, VxRail, F5 BigIP, Tanium, Puppet Enterprise, WWT developed Ansible Playbooks, WWT developed Python code, Infoblox, and the WWT Github. During this demo you will have the ability to show a fully automated deployment of a multi-tier application on top of an ACI-enabled vCenter and then the fully automated teardown of the application and underlying configurations as well as other application focused use cases and features.

Goals & Objectives

In this Lab, you will be doing the following to show a basic configuration and build an IaaS use case:

- Install CloudCenter 4.x components including CloudCenter Manager (CCM), CloudCenter Monitor, CloudCenter Orchestrator (CCO), CloudCenter AMQP (Rabbit).  
- Configure CCM using the GUI.
- Create Sub-Tenants
- Model an Application using Application Profiles.
- Creating Sub-Tenant Usage Plan, Users, Sharing an App Profile
- Deploy an Application

Hardware & Software

You will be using a jumpbox  and ssh. Other components include: 
  • VMWare vSphere/vCenter 6.0 - 2
  •  ESXi hosts 
  • Windows 2012
  • AD/DNS NAS Virtual Router
  • Vyatta Windows 2012
  • Jumpbox CloudCenter Infrastructure Components

Estimated lab completion time - 60-75 mins ** Note - This vApp can take up to 20 mins to instantiate.