Cloudian HyperStore

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Solution Overview
Cloudian is an object (cloud) storage solution that closely aligns to the Amazon S3 deployment model (regions, etc.) and is billed as the "most S3 compatible" third-party object solution on the market. Cloudian, in fact, can federate with a public S3 instance.

Object (cloud) Storage is quickly becoming the next generation of NAS with important differences such as:
  • Being more cost effective.
  • Ability to share content in a global namespace.
  • Ability to have customer Meta Data Tags.
  • Much higher resiliency and durability than traditional POSIX deployed NAS. 
  • Much easier to scale and manage than "traditional" NAS.
  • Easier to deploy and consume, with users accessing via a key/name pair and the S3 API interface.

Cloudian differentiators include:
  • Alignment with the S3 API.
  • Can federate with S3, Azure or Google Cloud.
  • Can be either deployed with a low cost Cloudian appliance or in a SDS model.
  • Low cost per TB.
  • Can expand one node (node does not have to be the same drive symmetry) at a time.
  • Bi-Modal NFS and SMB support (through Hyperfile appliance).

Goals & Objectives

WWT's Object Lab has 6 nodes (Made up of Cisco S3260 servers) running in a single site configuration. It is possible to reconfigure this deployment into an emulated three site configuration.


Product Features 

The industry’s highest S3 API compliance ensures investment protection.

SMB and NFS support with HyperFile NAS Controller software.

Hyperscale data fabric for limitless growth.

Scale capacity and performance with additional nodes.

Locate storage any place, manage from one place.

Connect to public cloud for DR or added capacity.

Hardware & Software

WWT has three Cloudian associated labs in the ATC. The first is deployed on 6 nodes of Cisco S3260 servers and available for larger scale POC activity. The second instance is deployed three of on Cloudian's HSA-1508 appliances (small 1U starter kit). This instance is available for POC solution testing in combination with other point solutions (e.g. Rubrick). The third instance is virtual only and used for functionality testing only to become acclimated with the Cloudian management UI etc.