Cohesity Data Platform

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Solution Overview
Cohesity DataPlatform™ consolidates secondary data and applications including backups, files, objects, test/dev, and analytics on a single, software-defined platform. Inspired by web-scale architecture, DataPlatform is a scale-out solution based on a unique distributed file system, SpanFS®. DataPlatform modernizes and simplifies secondary data and application management by providing one platform for multiple secondary workloads.

Although most organizations begin their journeys to overcoming mass data fragmentation by simplifying data protection, DataPlatform’s flexible architecture allows easy expansion to additional use cases, further increasing operational simplicity and improved TCO. Because DataPlatform is a software solution, it works equally efficiently on-premises on qualified Cisco, HPE, Dell, or Cohesity hyper-converged platforms as well as in the public cloud. 

Goals & Objectives

This on-demand lab will allow the user to explore the features and functionality of the Cohesity Data Platform.  The customer will access the platform via the HTML 5 GUI.  Explore the GUI by going through the entire portfolio of capabilities.  This lab  will allow you to discover the different components that already have been added to the software such as Vmware Vcenter, NetApp Nas filer, Cohesity Edge appliance.  

At the end of the lab, you will be able to create views, domains and jobs.  Restore entire virtual machines, files and use the instant recovery feature of the software.  You will also discover performance metrics using the reporting and analytics functionality.

Hardware & Software

The lab consists of the following hardware/software:
  • 1 x Cohesity C2500 4 node cluster
  • 1 x Vmware 6.8 Vcenter
  • 1 x 2014 Microsoft Sql Server
  • 1 x 2012 Microsoft Windows 2012 server
  • 1 x linux Centos 4/5/6/7 (64-bit) server
  • 1 x Unbuntu Linux (64-bit) server