Dell EMC PowerMax 2000

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Solution Overview
Businesses are in the midst of an IT transformation. Every second saved means spending more time running the business and less time managing data. Flash changed the storage game with sub-millisecond latency, but next-generation applications continue to push the performance boundaries that these all-flash arrays can provide. To address the needs of these applications, enterprises need a new generation of enterprise storage that provides unparalleled performance without compromising security, protection, scalability, availability or efficiency.

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to provide hands on access to Unisphere for PowerMax HTML 5 GUI. Users will be able to explore the new wizard based interface to provision storage as well as review system performance and test the latest features.

In this lab you will be able to perform the following tasks:
  • Review system performance
  • View Storage Group Demand Reports
  • View Service Level Demand Reports 
  • Create storage groups
  • Provision storage
  • Review FAST settings
  • Managing disk groups
  • Create DATA volumes

Hardware & Software

Product Model: PowerMax_2000
PowerMax OS: 5978.221.221

2 Engines , 4 directors
2 x Intel Xeon E5-2650-v4 Broadwell 12 core, 2.2GHz CPUs per director (48 cores per V-Brick)

4TB Cache (2TB per engine)
64 x 1920GB NVMe Drives (97.80 TB capacity)

8 x 16Gbs (FC)
4 x 16Gbs (FC SRDF)