Dell EMC Unity XT

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Solution Overview
Dell EMC Unity XT delivers a full block and file unified environment in a single 2U enclosure. Use the same Pool to provision and host LUNs, Consistency Groups, NAS Servers, File Systems, and Virtual Volumes. The Unisphere management interface offers a consistent look and feel whether you are managing block resources, file resources or both. 

New to the platform is a NVMe ready architecture for future proofing your investment with a simple non-disruptive upgrade. Data reduction also gets a boost with not only compression but also advanced deduplication and improved software algorithms. 

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to provide hands on access to Unisphere for Unity XT's HTML 5 GUI. Users will be able to explore the new wizard based interface to provision storage as well as review system performance and test the latest features. 

Hardware & Software

Product Model: Unity XT 880
2 Controllers in a Active/Active configuration

2 x Intel Xeon Skylake 16 core, 2.1GHz CPUs per controller
384 GB Memory

50 x 800GB SSD Drives (30.7 TB capacity)

8 x 16Gbs (FC) 
2 x 10Gbs (ISCSI/Replication) 
2 x 25Gbs (ISCSI/Replication)