ESA Baseline Sandbox

19 Launches
Solution Overview
WWT's Endpoint Security Architecture (ESA) Baseline Lab exists to provide a sandbox environment that can be used to evaluate security solutions across a wide variety of endpoints, including both Windows and Unix-based operating systems. There is also an attack machine, running Kali Linux, with which to test the efficacy of these tools using benign, non-weaponized malware. 
You will access the environment using a Windows-based jumphost from which you can browse web consoles, open RDP/SSH sessions, etc. See topology diagram to the right.

Goals & Objectives

This self-directed, on-demand environment provides the foundation for exploring endpoint security solutions and evaluating their impact on endpoint performance and functionality. 

Hardware & Software

This lab consists of the following hardware and software:

  • No security software included in this lab.

Server Devices
  • 1x Windows Jumphost (Windows Server 2016).
  • 1x Generic Server (Windows Server 2012).
  • 1x Generic Server (Windows Server 2016).
  • 1x Generic Server (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7).
  • 1x Generic Server (CentOS 7).
  • 1x Generic Server (Solaris 11).

Client Devices 
  • 1x Attack Client (Windows 10 Enterprise).
  • 1x Generic Client (Windows 7 Enterprise).
  • 1x Attack Host (Kali Linux 2018).