Expanse Exposure Discovery Lab

Solution Overview
Expanse provides a comprehensive and continuously updated inventory of all public-facing assets that belong to an organization while surfacing problematic and non-compliant configurations and communications of those assets. Expanse requires zero installation or configuration and delivered via a two-product offerings:

Edge Expander dynamically discovers a complete and current view of an organization’s public facing assets so that IT Ops teams can know what they own, and security teams know where they are at risk.

Edge Behavior dynamically detects communication to and from an organization’s internet-connected assets indicative of a breach or risky activity that could lead to a breach without requiring local network sensors

Top Use Cases
  • IT Operations: Manage and track internet-connected assets with a continuously updated inventory of network and cloud devices, infrastructure, virtual environments, and digital assets like certificates and domains.
  • Security: Reduce attack surface by discovering and monitoring the risks, exposures, and non-compliant configurations of the global internet attack surface.

Goals & Objectives

  • Expanse’s ability to discover an organization’s unknown unknowns ensures vulnerability scans are complete.
  • Expanse’s depth of attribution, frequency of updates, and level of protocol inspection enables security teams to take action and reduce risk in real-time.
  • Expanse has the ability to discover assets that are outside of known cloud environments.
  • Expanse brings outside-in visibility that complements Endpoint solutions without having to install or configure anything on the client side.

Hardware & Software

Cloud-based solution