Fortinet FortiGate Sandbox

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Solution Overview
The next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a key component to any network security architecture. The value a NGFW brings to any security architecture is a combination of security component consolidation, deep visibility and unified management.

Fortinet's NGFW offers the ability to build a policy that can positively enforce measures using criteria such as application identification, user identification, url filtering, and IPS inspections on unecrypted or encrypted traffic. 

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Goals & Objectives

The Goal of this lab is to give an easy introduction to a basic setup for a Fortinet firewall. You will first need to familiarize yourself with what has been configured, complete a base configuration, verify internet connectivity and edit settings. High level tasks to complete include:
  • Review existing configuration.
  • Review routing table.
  • Test device access and internet connectivity.

Hardware & Software

This lab has three components to it. 
  • Virtual Fortinet FortiGate firewall.
  • Jumpbox PC (administrative use).
  • Inside PC.