HPE Oneview 5.0 w/Global Dashboard 1.8

22 Launches
Solution Overview
This modern management architecture is designed to accelerate your IT operations for managing servers, storage and network resources. 

In this new version of 5.0, not only can it manage HP storage and rack mount servers, it also has the capability to manage up to 25 different HCI and Synergy environments. Also included in this release is support for HPE Apollo servers as well ability to configure local raid disks through HPE OneView. 

Goals & Objectives

In this lab you, will be able to familiarize yourself with HPE's Infrastructure Management software OneView. This lab gives you read-only access into running hardware in our Advanced Technology Center that will allow you to browse all the pieces of infrastructure that OneView can manage in your HPE environment.

In this lab you can expect to see the following things:

  • Appliance Management 
  • Reporting via OneView Global Dashboard
  • Server Profiles and Hardware
  • Backup Settings

Hardware & Software

  • OneView 5.0
  • OnevView Global Dashboard 1.8
  • HPE Synergy
  • HPE Simplivity
  • HPE Gen10 and Gen 9 Rack Servers
  • HPE Apollo
  • HPE C7000
  • HPE 3PAR Storage