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Solution Overview

HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC) is a data protection, data copy management and data mobility solution for today's data center. It integrates with the HPE's primary storage systems' data protection and data replication solutions. It allows one to create and manage application aware array based snapshot from Nimble, 3PAR and the latest Primera Storage systems. WIth array-based snapshots, one can rapidly backup and restore data without using the valuable compute resources  on the application servers, freeing them to do actual work. 

Based on the policy, RMC allows the enterprise to protect data beyond the array snapshots. It also integrates the array's remote replication capabilities. It can also backup the data to the on-prem StoreOnce appliance or to the cloud via the Cloud Volumes backup.  

The RMC also has the capability to do data mobility between HPE's primary storage systems. It can copy data between Nimble and the Primera systems.  

RMC is application aware. It currently supports VMware, Oracle, SAP, MS Exchange and MS SQL servers. It allows the application servers and the application admins to protect their application data directly to the StoreOnce appliance through the capability called Protect Express.

Goals & Objectives

This lab was designed to give our customers, partners and employees some of the benefits associated the HPE Recovery Manager Central.

Hardware & Software

  • HPE DL360 server
  • HPE Nimble
  • HPE Primera
  • RMC Appliance
  • HPE StoreOnce VSA
  • Vmware vSphere