HPE Synergy Nvidia Desktop

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Solution Overview
HPE Synergy is the first platform architected specifically for composable infrastructure. It brings cloud economics and agility to large and complex deployments. Now larger enterprises can deploy ultra-high-density vGPU pools to support multiple software packages for flexibility and cost savings.

  • Fluid resource pools, software-defined intelligence
  • Repurpose GPUs from display to compute mode on the fly
  • NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Data Center Workstation software (vDWS) and supporting GPUs, these users get a powerful virtual workstation hosted securely in the data center.
  • Users can now work from anywhere on any device, with access to tools and apps they need.
  • NVIDIA Quadro vDWS on HPE platforms delivers an immersive, high-quality VDI user experience with a cost-efficient data center footprint. It centralizes apps and data to optimize security and efficiency.
  • High GPU density and high number of concurrent users with workstation class 2D/3D app performance

Goals & Objectives

This demo provides hands on experience with HPE Synergy using VMware Horizon virtual desktop services. After using this lab, you will clearly see the difference between a GPU accelerated virtual desktop and one without.   

  • Work with secure VDI Infrastructure powered by Synergy with VMware and NVIDIA
  • Understand simple delivery of virtual desktops using VMware Horizon View and HPE Synergy composable Infrastructure
  • Work with high-speed provisioning for EUC environments leveraging HPE Synergy and HPE Image Streamer

Hardware & Software

  • 2 x HPE Synergy SY480 Gen 10 servers
  • Additional MXM Expansion Module for GPU
  • VMWARE Horizon Software
  • HPE Image Streamer w/VMware 6.5 U2 boot volumes