NetApp ActiveIQ Unified Manager

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Solution Overview
ActiveIQ Unified Manager with performance management built in ONTAP software builds the foundation for a Data Fabric, making it easy to move your data where it’s needed across flash, disk and cloud resources. ActiveIQ Unified Manager provides a comprehensive data management solution for your NetApp All Flash FAS, FAS and Select storage, and is included with ONTAP.

Customers that operate a multiple NetApp FAS or AFF storage appliances need a way to consolidate the management of their systems.

Simple and powerful, NetApp ActiveIQ Unified Manager lets you discover, monitor, receive notifications and set alerts on all your NetApp ONTAP storage systems. The management server provides the foundation for improved availability, scalability, supportability, performance and security of your storage infrastructure. 

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of this lab is to enable you to get familiar with ActiveIQ  Unified Manager by exploring the graphical user interface and it's features such as:
  • View the clusters managed by ActiveIQ Unified Manager
  • View the performance dashboards for each clusters
  • View the health dashboards for each clusters
  • View the protection state of each volume 
  • View the built-in capacity, performance, data protection and inventory reports
  • Create custom alerting thresholds based on health and performance

Hardware & Software

  • ActiveIQ Unified Manager version 9.6