NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS

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Solution Overview
NetApp Cloud Volume Services (CVS) is a cloud-based, high-performance file service that enables customers to provision CIFS shares or NFS file systems out to infrastructure or platform services in Amazon Web Services (AWS). CVS offers its users the ability to pick a performance profile for the storage based on their needs.  NetApp CVS is a fully managed service that can be provisioned either through the AWS Marketplace GUI or through API calls enabling users to automate deployments.

NetApp CVS also offers users the ability to create and restore snapshots as well as create clones of existing data sets already on CVS to allow for quicker development and test workflows.

Protocol support
  • NFSv3
  • SMB 2.1
  • SMB 3.0
  • SMB 3.1.1

Service levels
  • Standard: 16MB/s per TB (4,000 IOPS@4K)
  • Premium: 64MB/s per TB (16,000 IOPS@4k)
  • Extreme: 128MB/s per TB (32,000 IOPS@4k)

Goals & Objectives

In this lab, you will be able to provision cloud volume services storage, have them mounted to compute instances running VDBench, and run various IO patterns and concurrently against cloud volumes services to validate the performance. As part of this lab, an instance of Graphana will be created in AWS so you can observe the metrics of the performance test such as IOPS, latency, bandwidth and more.

Hardware & Software

  • AWS Compute 
  • NetApp Cloud Volumes Services for AWS (customizable)