NetApp E/EF-Series with SANTricity

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Solution Overview
Customers that are looking for a no-frills SAN storage system that provides great performance and availability often turn to NetApp's E-Series of EF-Series.

The family of E-series and EF-series systems provides performance-efficient, high-density block storage aimed primarily at application-driven workloads. NetApp E-Series systems are designed to provide: Simple, low-touch administration. Flexible, reliable SAN storage.

Goals & Objectives

The NetApp E-Series is a  family of high-performance storage systems designed to meet demanding performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency. Designed to address wide-ranging requirements, the E-Series storage appliance is equally adept at supporting high-performance file systems, bandwidth-intensive streaming applications, and demanding transactional applications. And its fully redundant I/O paths, advanced protection features, and extensive diagnostic capabilities deliver the highest levels of availability, integrity, and security.

NetApp SANtricity Storage Manager software offers a powerful, easy to-use interface for administering NetApp E-Series storage systems. With SANtricity software, storage administrators can achieve maximum performance and utilization of their storage through extensive configuration flexibility and custom performance tuning. SANtricity software's graphical user interface administration, advanced protection features, and extensive diagnostic capabilities mean that data is always available and fully protected.

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Hardware & Software

NetApp EF-570 (24x800GB disks)
SANTricity version 11.40.3RC