NetApp StorageGRID

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Solution Overview
StorageGrid is NetApp's Object Storage platform also known as cloud storage.  Object storage introduces a paradigm shift in data storage and access.  It makes do with concepts such as traditional RAID protection and POSIX namespaces and introduces more modern concepts like erasure coding and storage buckets. Those new concepts deliver both greater data durability as well as cost efficiency.  StorageGrid also allows for data to be tagged with comprehensive metadata when stored and shatters traditional storage expectations by allowing hundreds of billions of objects to be stored in grids that can span hundreds of petabytes in size.

StorageGrid's greatest differentiator is it's policy engine that enables policy-driven data lifecycle management. The policy engine can leverage the metadata to manage how data is stored across it's lifetime to initially optimize for performance and automatically optimize for cost and durability as the data ages.

In an ever greater cloud-integrated world, StorageGrid delivers AWS S3 integration by providing the ability to natively replicate data over to AWS S3 as well as leverage AWS SNS (Simple Notification Service) and even stream metadata into AWS ElasticSearch for indexing.

Goals & Objectives

This lab is actually implemented over 3 different sites to simulate a true customer implementation. The NetApp StorageGrid lab will enable customers who are interested in this technology to:

  • Login to the graphical user interface to manage the StorageGrid platform.
  • Explore bucket creation.
  • View the health and state of the grid.
  • Manage and create ILM policies.
  • Simulate ILM policy changes.
  • View the network configuration.

Hardware & Software

This lab is configured using a total of 12 StorageGrid nodes
  • 4 x SG6060 (58 x 4TB SATA / 2 x 800GB SSD)
  • 8 x SG5712 (12 x 4TB SATA)