Nutanix Prism Pro

Solution Overview
Nutanix Prism Pro improves the quality and efficiency in IT operations for the modern data center. Powered by machine learning and task automation, Prism Pro intelligently optimizes capacity, proactively detects performance anomalies, and enables the IT team to automate operations tasks with ease and confidence.

Traditional IT operations management (ITOM) tools were built for static infrastructure. They often overwhelm IT teams with complex and noisy alerts that the teams can’t do anything about. In dynamic and scalable modern data centers with high-performance and diverse workloads, IT teams need simplicity and accuracy to achieve high-productivity in operations.

Powered by X-Fit (purpose-built machine learning technology) and X-Play (a codeless task-automation engine), Prism Pro mines large volumes of system data to generate actionable insights and enables IT to automate remediation and everyday tasks for performance management and capacity optimization.

Through Prism Pro, multiple functions can be performed including, but not limited to:
  • Automated Optimization.
  • Proactive Remediation.
  • Operational Automation.

Goals & Objectives

Goals of this lab are to get familiar with the benefits of introducing Prism Pro as a centralized management interface for multiple clusters / hypervisors, along with trending analytics / capacity and to look at features of X-Play and the like.

Features to dig into:
  • Capacity behavior trends
  • Just-in-time forecast
  • VM right sizing
  • Anomaly detection
  • Bottleneck detection
  • Remediation actions
  • Codeless task automation
  • Action gallery
  • Centralized upgrade

Hardware & Software

Prism Pro version 5.11