Palo Alto Migration Tool - EXPEDITION

Solution Overview
Expedition was conceived to reduce the time and efforts a security admin needs to improve and optimize their Palo Alto Networks configurations. Following that effort, we have added, within Expedition, support not only to run a BPA analysis if not also be able to remediate some of the failed checks (all related to Device Config) and now integration with the project IronSkillet.

Goals & Objectives

This Lab will allow the student to migrate a Fortinet firewall configuration to a Palo Alto configuration. Then you have the ability to manipulate Palo Alto configurations before ever applying to the palo alto. It will also allow the configuration to be able to be tested against the palo alto best practice configuration. 

Hardware & Software

Palo Alto Expedition Virtual Machine
Windows 10 Jump host
Windows 10 Inside host
Fortinet Fortigate VM
Palo Alto Firewall VM