Pivotal Ready Architecture (PRA)

Solution Overview
As more and more companies transition from legacy, monolithic applications to modern, cloud native solutions, the complexity associated with maintaining and operating on-prem solutions increases drastically.  DevOps principles enable Development Organizations and Internal I.T. Operations to work as one, eliminating red tape and roadblocks associated with the old ways of developing code.  What if you could take those principles and processes and apply them to the entire onprem stack?  That is exactly what the Pivotal Ready Architecture is all about.  WWT has partnered with Dell EMC, VMware, and Pivotal to bring this reference architecture to the ATC so you can see first hand how Pivotal on VMware on Dell EMC changes the game! 

With Pivotal PKS you get:
  • The power of open-source Kubernetes
  • Highly available, production-ready apps to infrastructure
  • True Hybrid/Multi-Cloud options for any cloud
  • Out of the box network management and security
  • Operations automated entirely - no downtime

PRA provides you with:
  • A validated design for the entire stack... at scale
  • Documented reference architecture with support... top to bottom
  • Scalable object storage with Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)
  • Available Platform Lifecycle Managed Service

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of the Pivotal Ready Architecture Lab is to have our experts guide you through all the benefits of this reference architecture and learn how a full stack solution can accelerate your digital transformation.  This lab includes all the benefits of a fully deployed instance of PRA including: 
  • Production-Grade Kubernetes
  • Network Management & Security
  • Validated Design & Reference Architecture
  • Full-Stack Automation, Scale & Support
  • Optional Lifecycle Managed Service
  • Scalable Object Storage

Hardware & Software

From a component perspective, Pivotal Ready Architecture and this WWT ATC deployment's components are very familiar: 
  • Development Platform
  • Virtualization Layer
  • Physical Compute, Networking, & Storage
  • Kubernetes
  • Pivotal Container Service (PKS)
  • Pivotal Application Service (PAS)
  • Pivotal BOSH 
  • VMware ESXi & vCenter (vSphere)
  • VMware vSAN & NSX-T
  • VxRail Manager
  • Dell EMC VxRails
  • Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)