Qualys Vulnerability Scanning

Solution Overview
On premises, at endpoints, on mobile, in containers or in the cloud, Qualys Cloud Platform sensors are always on, giving you continuous visibility of all your IT assets. Remotely deployable, centrally managed and self-updating, the sensors come as physical or virtual appliances, or lightweight agents. The sensors also come natively integrated with cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, Azure and GCP. By the end of this lab, you will understand how to leverage and expand the solution.

Goals & Objectives

This lab provides a non-production environment with typical devices found in a business environment.  The student will configure a typical Qualys environment in a step-by-step fashion, which may then be used for testing and further study. 

The session will include following activities:

  • Learning the basics of Vulnerability Management
  • Scanning a network of devices
  • Understanding visibility and threat protection
  • Performing vulnerability reporting
  • Learning how to configure and deploy cloud agents
  • Evaluating regulatory compliance

Hardware & Software

  • Qualys Scanning appliance
  • Qualys cloud agents
  • Windows endpoints