ServiceNow Service Catalog and Flow Designer Lab

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Solution Overview
ServiceNow is the market-leading tool for Enterprise Service Management. Also known as the “Now Platform” it's a leader in the application Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS/aPaaS) space. ServiceNow aims to consolidate an organization’s data, business processes, and knowledge into a single System of Action.

In this lab you'll learn how to enable anyone, from IT generalists to process analysts, to easily create end‑to‑end digital workflows that automate any business process —from simple productivity to complex transformation— in a no‑code, natural language environment.

Goals & Objectives

By the conclusion of this lab, you'll have learned how to accomplish the following in ServiceNow:
  • Create a Catalog Item
  • Add variables to Catalog Items
  • Install a system plugin
  • Create a workflow from scratch using the Flow Designer
  • Associate a workflow to a Catalog Item
  • Impersonate a Platform User
  • Run / Test a workflow

Hardware & Software

ServiceNow Instance - New York Release
  • Service Catalog
  • Flow Designer with support for Service Catalog