Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

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Solution Overview
Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) uses data-driven insights for root cause isolation and improved service awareness. ITSI represents a new approach to service intelligence. Rather than throwing a mishmash of products together, ITSI uses a data-driven approach that spans all data across all silos.

Splunk's ITSI:
  • Provides insights into the highest-visibility services — the ones which directly impact business and operations with personal, meaningful, contextual visualizations.
  • Provides sophisticated alerting mechanisms and workflows to catch and mitigate problems early, before they impact customers.
  • Allows fast correlation across services and KPIs to quickly determine root cause and reduce MTTR.
  • Deploys in days and weeks rather than weeks and months.
  • Is scalable, flexible (schema on the fly) and continues to provide fast time-to-value.

Key Use Cases:
  • Data fidelity.
  • Reduced integrations.
  • Single repository for ALL data.

Labs are currently unavailable, but our technicians are on it. Please check back soon. Latest Status Updates.

Goals & Objectives

  • Splunk's ITSI has the ability to maintain high service levels and availability, prevent outages and recover quickly when infrastructure take a service hit.
  • ITSI will improve productivity and share understanding of business service criticality, impact and incident.
  • ITSI can monitor, visualize and present real-time insights into service health against KPIs to drive operational and business decisions.

The lab environment will allow you to:
  • Access the Splunk ITSI sandbox environment.
  • Login to the dashboard and deploy demo script.
  • Navigate the features and workflows.

Hardware & Software

Splunk Enterprise Platform 7.3 or higher.
Splunk IT Service Intelligence version 4.2.1.

Server Devices:
1x Ubuntu Linux Server (search head).
1x Ubuntu Linux Server (indexer).