Thelios Lab

25 Launches
Solution Overview

WWT’s Thelios offers a full suite of cloud managed products with unique enterprise level features to accelerate the creation of Cisco Meraki Networks through automation and monitoring of these networks with state-of-the-art visualization. The Thelios ATC Demo Lab is designed to provide an environment for users to gain hands-on experience on these unique features.

Goals & Objectives

The purpose of the lab is to help users experience the creation of Cisco Meraki Networks faster and with ease. The lab will also provide an opportunity for users to develop proficiency in monitoring their networks with ease. 

Modules included in this document are:

  • Auto Provisioner
  • Health Dashboard

Hardware & Software

Cisco Meraki Devices in lab

  • Meraki MX
  • Meraki MS
  • Meraki MR