Verint Workforce Optimization

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Solution Overview
Verint Workforce Optimzation is a suite of unified software and services for capturing interactions and managing the performance of employees across the enterprise or in targeted areas of your business, including:
  • Back-office operations
  • Branch operations
  • Contact centers
  • Financial trading rooms

With Verint Workforce Optimization, you can gain visibility into the people, processes and work across your organization, helping you:
  • Capture and analyze customer interactions, journeys and sentiments across channels.
  • Enhance the quality of customer interactions.
  • Drive deeper engagement with customers and employees.
  • Improve internal processes and compliance.
  • Boost employee productivity and performance.
  • Uncover business trends and areas of opportunity.
  • Deliver service more efficiently.

Goals & Objectives

This lab will orient the user to the Verint Workforce Optimization solution. You will see and experience the following features:
  • Desktop and Process Analytics
  • Performance Management
  • Recording
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Quality Management
  • Work Allocation
  • Workforce Management

Hardware & Software

Microsoft Windows Active Directory 2012
Verint Workforce Optimization 15.2
VMware View 7.4