VMware Tanzu Experience Lab

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Solution Overview

The VMware Tanzu Experience Lab provides the lab user with a high-level overview of VMware Tanzu suite of administrative and monitoring tools that consist of Tanzu Mission Control (TMC), Tanzu Service Mesh (TSM) and Tanzu Observability.

Goals & Objectives

The lab walks through the following objectives. It is estimated that the lab takes about 2 hours to complete.

Tanzu Mission Control

  • Onboarding of existing TKG Cluster
  • Creation of new TKG Cluster thru TMC
  • Size and scaling operations on TKG Cluster
  • TKG upgrades
  • TMC Integrations

Tanzu Service Mesh

  • Onboarding TKG clusters into TSM
  • Application Deployment
  • Global Namespace concepts and creation
  • Application Monitoring

Tanzu Observability

  • Onboarding of cluster thru TMC integrations
  • Dashboards
  • Performance metrics and alerts
  • 3rd party integrations

Hardware & Software

Lab Topology

  • 1 x Windows 2016 AD/DNS/Jumpbox
  • Live SaaS instances of TMC, TSM and Observability for lab use
  • 1 x Virtual Center 7 Update 2 Appliance
  • 1 x NSX-T 3.0.2 Appliance
  • 3 x ESXi 7 Management Hosts running Vsphere with Tanzu