WWT Talks Millennials and Retail with Innovative Retail Technologies

WWT's Matt Sebek talks about three core values that help retailers re-engineer their business to attract millennials with Innovative Retail Technologies.

Posted by Innovative Retail Technologies on April 17, 2017:

Millennials, who represent $200 billion in purchasing power, are the Mecca for today’s retailers. But if the stereotypes are to be believed, Millennials avoid brick-and-mortar stores like the plague due to the convenience of online shopping and an aversion interacting with actual people. The truth is that these same Millennials can be lured back to physical stores and even turned into faithful customers if retailers re-engineer their business around 3 core values: Speed, Personalization, and Efficiency.

World Wide Technology’s Matt Sebek works directly with retailers building these types of programs, and in an email interview with Innovative Retail Technologies, he spoke to the core tenets to demonstrate how retailers can adopt Millennial-friendly programs and find success.