Annie has worked in the IT industry for 12 years in roles with various skillsets, all with a consultative, customer first approach. Most recently she has held positions specialized in software purchasing strategy, contract negotiation and contract lifecycle management, with a specialty around Microsoft and Cisco contracts.

Q&A with Annie Heger

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I was recruited straight out of college to work for an IT solutions provider in Chicago. I spent 7 years as an account manager, first supporting small businesses and then transitioning to support large enterprises. While in a sales role, I found myself drawn to helping organizations simplify the complexities of purchasing and IT asset management through evaluating more strategic purchasing options. Eventually this interest led me to transition to a software specialist role that encompassed educating organizations about software buying programs, evaluating these buying programs for each customer, navigating the contractual negotiation and enabling organizations to leverage software entitlements through the entirety of their contractual term.
Describe your role at WWT.
In the role of Principal Software Consultant, I help customers navigate the transition that is taking place as hardware OEMs like Cisco become more focused on selling software. I educate customers about the options to package and purchase software that provides additional benefits beyond business as usual purchasing, which enables organizations to establish a long term software strategy that meets their specific needs. Activities I am responsible for include conducting Business Value Workshops, ROI/TCO analysis, buying program education, contract structuring, decoding contractual documents, contract execution and contract management over the given term.
What innovation is happening in Lifecycle Services that has you really excited?
The Lifecycle Services Practice continues to evolve at such a rapid rate that we are constantly finding new and better ways to support our customers. New offerings such as Cisco Collaboration EA labs within our Advanced Technology Center provide additional resources to our customers that help them to learn about the products they have access to as part of their enterprise agreement (EA) and this is a differentiator for WWT in the IT industry.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
I was recently asked to meet with a customer who mentioned they were going to be presented with an EA proposal. During the meeting, it became clear that they had not received the education about what the EA was, the benefits they would recognize from the program and contractual obligations they should consider. By taking the time over 3 meetings with the customer to help them understand what solution was being presented, I was able to help enable to customer to select the best purchasing mechanism for their organization, which ended up being an enterprise agreement.