Arnel has worked in the technology field for the better part of 25 years in a multifaceted capacity, with roles involving application development, infrastructure, database and now multicloud. Most of his career has been working for enterprises in the telecom, publishing/media and healthcare sectors. With Arnel’s diverse background, his recent focus has been on enterprise solutions and innovation which helps him in his role as a Sr. Multicloud Consultant.

Q&A with Arnel Sinchongco

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I became interested in application development in high school and attended classes to learn how to program. Upon graduating, I started my IT career working for a government contractor, helping to build a logistics application while attending college. Eventually I moved on to manage infrastructure and backoffice applications, particularly networking and databases for a variety of organizations. As my exposure to all facets of technology increased, I soon realized that my expertise was in developing enterprise solutions and IT strategies. That experience has led to my roles as an enterprise architect and innovation leader.
What is your role at WWT?
As a Multicloud Consultant, I work with our customers to navigate their way through cloud journeys. I help them understand the value of developing a comprehensive multicloud strategy and architectural framework in order to pave the way to their target cloud platform while reducing the need for potential re-work and re-architecture. Moving to the cloud is not easy, but I am here to help them with a clearly defined methodology.