Darren Dennis has more than 20 years of experience as a Microsoft consultant specializing in Active Directory, Exchange, scripting and all things Windows server infrastructure related.


He currently serves as a MCSE Infrastructure and Microsoft Certified Trainer and he is dedicated to supporting WWT in all matters related to Microsoft technology.

Q&A with Darrin Dennis

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I got started in the 80’s with a commodore PET. After graduating high school in the 80’s, I felt that all the good technology jobs were gone so I joined the Army as a combat medic. I reluctantly returned to IT, with a business degree in hand, in time to obtain my MCSE in NT 4.0 and obtain a Master CNE, as well.


Technology has always come easy to me, so  it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when I was teaching Active Directory a couple years later. You could say I have always been fascinated in the ability of technology to solve problems.

What is your role at your organization?
I serve WWT as the solution architect for enterprise application services in the data center practice managed by Jason Diestelkamp.


My role is to provide thought leadership, technical escalation, mentoring, problem resolution, sales enablement and ensure the success of the discipline.

What innovation is happening in technology that has you really excited?
I have not been this excited about technology since Windows Server 2000. Innovation is everywhere and we are helping our customers to realize the pivotal shift in how they leverage IT from productivity to security. In order to embrace cloud technologies, significant changes must occur in how we manage securing critical assets and still provide for data accessibility.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
We recently had a large energy customer who needed to upgrade a legacy Active Directory domain to the current version. Concerned with system wide outages, which could result in devastating outcomes and loss of revenue, we were able to showcase our capabilities in our lab environment on the customers simulated environment. This demonstrated that our scripted solutions were able to perform all the changes necessary without errors, and make the upgrades without resulting in the significant outages the customer anticipated.