John Weeks has been with WWT since July 2017 — where he started by working on the newly established innovation pods and providing expertise around agile methodologies, DevOps and automation. Now, John’s time on the Global Engineering Team is spent supporting our Sales and Delivery organizations, with a focus on both Google and Azure public enterprise architectures.

Q&A with John Weeks

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I’ve worked in the IT industry for over 13 years, on everything from systems administration to software design and architecture. Almost every role of my career has involved some form of automation. Even when I was a systems administrator, I was not a fan of doing redundant manual tasks. So, I ended up writing a lot of scripts, before formally knowing it was automation. As for my start in IT, my friends and I used Gentoo Linux because it was fun and interesting.  Later, one of my friends asked if I wanted to apply for a job working with him at Verizon, because he knew I had a broad software development, scripting and Linux skillset, and this is where I got my start. Eventually I ended up becoming the lead architect for several cloud native projects with a focus on performance and cost, which helped save money as well as keeping my customer in compliance with industry regulations — not to mention drastically improving their customer satisfaction numbers almost overnight!
Describe your role at WWT.
I am a Technical Solutions Architect on the Cloud and Automation team in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC). My primary focus is helping drive our multicloud strategy through field enablement, technology demos, and furthering our partnerships with the major cloud providers.
What innovation is happening in your technology focus area that has you really excited?
Innovation is happening all over WWT, with the push to be the Silicon Valley of St. Louis. The new cross-discipline innovation pods, a focus on agile development principles to produce products and new technology demonstrations to showcase in the ATC all have me really excited about how WWT can help our customers accelerate adoption of new technologies. For example, my group is currently working closely with major cloud providers to bring joint technology demos to our customers. This allows us to not only showcase the value that WWT brings to the table but also how some of these new technologies can greatly benefit our customers.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
A customer recently wanted to talk with us about big data. After just a few short meetings we were able to collect their current data processing requirements as well talk about where they wanted to be in the future. Based on these discussions, we came back with a strategy that would help them capitalize on the existing work they had already done in the space, but at the same time, set them up to modernize their data pipelines going forward in a cloud native fashion. This allowed the customer a near painless migration while at the same time, letting their developers focus more on the data science rather than managing infrastructure.