Justin “Doc” Collier, MD is an Industry Practice Manager for Healthcare. He helps our teams leverage meaningful innovation from across industries to solve complex healthcare challenges. Doc is one of many national resources account teams can call on to provide industry insights from years of hands-on experience to help customers accelerate and enable transformative outcomes. His focus is on “Improving Healthcare Together.”

Q&A with Doc Collier


Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
Growing up, I expected (along with everyone else) that I’d go into a technology career. That suddenly changed when I narrowly survived two potentially fatal illnesses as a high school freshman. After those experiences, I felt a clear calling to work in healthcare in order to give back and honor those clinicians who saved my life. During my medical education and early clinical practice, I was deeply concerned with the challenges to clinical quality and patient safety I encountered in every healthcare system. I saw technology as the biggest and most immediate lever available that could move the needle and improve patient outcomes.


With that focus in mind, I transitioned to a Clinical Informatics subspecialty where I could couple technology tools with my clinical and operational knowledge of healthcare to make a bigger difference. When the opportunity arose to join WWT, it represented an even bigger chance to identify innovations from across industries that could have a major impact across the healthcare spectrum (rather than limiting my focus to one problem at a time with existing tools).


What is your role at WWT?
As the Healthcare Industry Practice Manager, I work to leverage my technical, clinical and healthcare operational knowledge to help focus our overall strategy on the right challenges. I also work with our OEM partners and our account teams to help our customers reach their clinical and business goals. We all work as partners to Improve Healthcare Together.


What innovation in technology you are excited about?
The top areas of innovation that are generating meaningful improvement right now are in Digital Patient and Clinician Experience, Data and Analytics (including AI and Machine Learning), and the Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare, particularly remote patient monitoring and “smart” hospital rooms.


Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
One of the most impactful projects that I’ve been blessed to participate in is the work we’re doing to improve the lives of patients and families at a children’s cancer hospital. We’ve been developing a unified digital experience platform to make children’s cancer journeys as frictionless and comforting as possible. Helping patients solve problems around wayfinding, real-time scheduling and updates, and providing them with virtual connections to the navigators and clinicians, and supporting their care with telehealth is fantastic. I couldn’t be more proud and fulfilled than I am when I’m serving the team doing that work!