Sarah Maber is a Managing Consultant based in London with over 8 years of professional experience in technology consulting. Sarah joined WWT with a background of large-scale delivery and technically complex network infrastructure programs across a range of industries. Sarah is focused on working with enterprise customers to develop and achieve their strategic business goals with outcome-driven technology initiatives.

Q&A with Sarah Maber

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I graduated from Cardiff University with a Masters in Electronic Engineering in 2010. Having completed a sandwich year during university at Airbus Defence & Space, I returned there to focus on designing and building networks to the Ministry of Defense and British Military before moving to Accenture to join their Infrastructure practice in London. I’ve always had an interest in technology, but a stand out moment was when I was preparing my university application and stumbled upon a sentence that stuck with me: “Today you can fit on the head of a pin the computational power of what 20 years ago would fill a room.” Given that was now 15 years ago, I can only imagine what is true now.
What is your role at WWT?
My role as a Managing Consultant is focused on supporting our global finance and enterprise organizations to meet their business needs through technology solutions. This entails working with customer teams and WWT teams to deliver the best outcome for the customer.
What innovation is/innovations are happening in technology you are excited about?
I’m most excited about everything being connected – whether it be APIs, IoT or anything else. That’s why I chose to specialize in networks, as that’s effectively its purpose. I believe that this interconnectivity is changing the tide on how we are in our homes, our workplaces and everything in between. It has the power to improve our experiences in ways that we probably never even considered… and also (to some extent), ways we don’t even need!
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
I am currently working with a global financial customer explore options on how to automate migration off their legacy network and onto an SDN platform. What’s been interesting is working with WWT SMEs across Networks and Automation in conjunction with one of our partners. We’ve been able to spin up a lab environment in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) with solution options and have been working with the customer to identify what is best for them.