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Cory Huebner has been with WWT since 2015. He started his career with WWT as a software engineer developing applications in a variety of technologies and languages. That includes developing solutions in Node.js, .NET, Scala, and a handful of front-end frameworks. Additionally, he was heavily involved in deploying those solutions to both on-premises and Cloud platforms using automated CI/CD platforms such as Jenkins, TeamCity, and OctopusDeploy. Cory transitioned to a Technical Solutions Architect role with the WWT MultiCloud team in early 2020. Cory is passionate about helping companies build solutions that grow their business, better understand their customer, and just make their day-to-day lives easier. He enjoys orchestrating the ocean of services and tooling available in public cloud platforms to simplify the process of turning a business problem into a robust, highly-available, and user-friendly solution to that problem